I’m having a Photography Exhibition!

I’m having a Photography Exhibition! Yes, it’s my very first so the nerves are kicking in.

If you follow my Blog you probably already know that I have a number of skills, including photography.

If you love art and culture you’ll love NubianSmile Photography’s collection to be shown at Sprout Art Gallery, SW16

NubianSmile Photography Exhibition Flyer

NubianSmile Photography Exhibition Flyer


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Hope to see you there.

Fruitvale Station Out 6th June (UK & Ireland) My thoughts…

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have a devastating effect on your life. This was the tragic reality for one young man, Oscar Grant, whose true story was portrayed in the multiple Independent Spirit Award, Cannes and Sundance Film Festival winning movie, ‘Fruitvale Station.


Written and directed by Ryan Coogler, produced by Forest Whitaker and Nina Yang Bongiovi, and with Grant being played so superbly by Michael B Jordan, its power knocks you sideways. It’s chilling to know that Oscar’s life was stubbed out so easily after only 22 years. He clearly wanted to do the right thing, change his ways and walk a steady straight path, but instead his life was cut so short for no reason by a stupid, careless act that seemed to be fuelled by a poisonous concoction of power and racial discrimination shown alot when some officers are dealing with young black men (who are unarmed). If these guys had been white I am sure they would have been treated differently. Plus it was clear to see that the police were not concerned with the group of white men who started the fight, no, they got away with their lives spared, with their loved ones not having to deal with the tragic loss of a son, father, boyfriend, brother, friend, uncle. Despite his mothers care, her son ended up another statistic in the ‘Killed By The Police’ encyclopaedia and created fresh ‘No Justice No Peace’ chants from protesters.

One positive to come from this was that the cop actually got prosecuted and served time. I would imagine that if it weren’t for technology and the culture to video everything the cop would have walked. His 2-year sentence was absurd, and early release after 11 month must have felt like a hot poker in the hearts of his family.

 I’m unsure how rare or common police prosecutions are in the US, but in the UK it’s not happened in the past and I see no hope of that changing in the near future. Too many men have suffered brutally at the hands of the police. Now Coogler’s significant and stylish portrayal of the events over those two days, New Years Eve 2008, New Years Day 2009, have captivated the film industry and in doing so will shine a gigantic spotlight on these issues. We can only pray that change comes from Coogler’s debut offering.

My Quotes 

“Kush Films thanks for creating a wider platform so stories such as Fruitvale Station get seen”

“Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have a devastating effect on your life.”  

Fruitvale Station. Such a powerful story. Only 11 months for a life of a young father trying to walk the straight line. No justice.”

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Independent Online Interview with Director Ryan Coogler.


Footage from witness videos





LeRoy Hutson Live at Indigo2 tomorrow You Really Need To Go !





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LeRoy Hutson In Concert

Fruitvale Station out 6th June (UK & Ireland)

 Tonight is Fruitvale Station night…

Written and directed by debutant Ryan Coogler, the Independent Spirit Award, Cannes and Sundance Film Festival winning FRUITVALE STATION tells the true story of Oscar Grant (JORDAN), a 22-year-old Oakland, CA resident over the course of December 31, 2008 as he works on being a better son to his mother (SPENCER), being a better partner to his girlfriend Sophina (DIAZ) and being a better father to Tatiana (NEAL), their beautiful four year-old daughter.  As the day goes on Oscar realises that change is not going to come easily and as he and Sophina celebrate the New Year and a fresh start, one truly shocking, tragedy shakes his community – and the entire United States – to its very core.

WINNER – Grand Jury Prize Sundance Film Festival 2013

WINNER – Audience Award Sundance Film Festival 2013
WINNER – Best First Feature Independent Spirit Awards 2014
WINNER – Breakthrough Award Gotham Awards 2013
WINNER – Breakthrough Director Gotham Awards 2013
WINNER – Movie of the Year AFI 2013

“An unstoppable cinematic force” Rolling Stone

“Outstanding” Los Angeles Times

“Powerful” New York Times

“Gripping – FOUR STARS” The Guardian

The reason why I’ve always hated tights…


Tights (Pic Courtesy of Google)

I put a pair of footless tights on (and other clothes) and popped to the post box, Costcutters and Budgens only a short 1 minute walk away from my house. I posted my letter then made my way back to the shops. Browsing the aisles, I stopped to flick through some magazines, then headed for the bread. I could feel the tights beginning to slip down. By the time I had finished picking a handful of items and joined the queue the top of the tights were resting precariously just on the bottom of my bottom!

Despite my tugging they wouldn’t budge. I pigeon stepped out of the shop, one hand swinging my bag full of goodies, the other clawed to my puffa, the skirt underneath and the tights underneath that. My ass exposed to the chill of English spring. Thankfully I managed to get indoors before they were literally swinging by my ankles, but it wasn’t far off as by then the gusset rested only 2 inches above my knees.

Maybe they should get slung in the charity shop bag. I’m sure they would give a 4ft 8″ lady or man much coverage pleasure as they are surely not meant for me – a good foot taller. So that’s why I hate tights and always will.

Petition for Black History to be taught in Primary Schools



Stephanie Pitter’s Petition for Black History to be taught in Primary Schools across the UK is gathering pace, with nearly 14,000 signatures so far. She has until February 2015 to get over 100,000 and secure a debate in Parliament.

The introduction of Black History on the curriculum is a long-time overdue, and would make all races more aware of the great achievements black people have made and help cut down racial stereotypes.

Please help Stephanie reach her target by signing the petition at: